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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Urban Homestead® — The Phrase Is Now Trademarked? | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest

Urban Homestead® — The Phrase Is Now Trademarked? | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

All I can say about this bit of news is WTF? Excuse my language but it is the most appropriate phrase to fit my stunned mind. This goes so against one of the major roots of Homesteading that I can't begin to wrap my mind around it. It goes against the very ideas and morals of homesteaders, we need to share our information freely,most of us were not raised in households that taught these skills.It's about building and supporting community people! Not tearing down what we are trying to build by trademarking a long used phrase.
Do I now as a blogger have to go back through my blog and mark each and every time I have used the words "homestead" or "homesteading"?
Please read this and be sure to read what other bloggers are saying. And like you can read in the article what is next? Trademarking the word "garden" or how about "human being" ?



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  2. I think that those Path to Freedom folks are WAAAAAYY out of line!! It is one thing to protect their writings, or images, but you cannot trademark words themselves. They are full of it! Plenty of usage of that term long before they even heard of the internet. Has anyone never looked in old Mother Earth News magazines, old issues of Organic Gardening, etc.

  3. Whoa.
    Not cool.
    I am in awe of what they have accomplished, but the Dervaes have been out in the LA sun too long!

  4. "Despite recent internet publishing, we are NOT suing bloggers. This is a false and unfounded claim." Twittered at "Path to Freedom"

  5. Thanks Natalie, I do find this whole thing puzzling and wondering how it could even be possible.