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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Great Clean Out.

    Over my days off I started on my plan to get Hrafinstaad back on track- The Great Clean Out. After looking around home I could see there was a big pile of stuff that maybe we did not need,want ,use or even know what in the heck it was.I am hoping with all of the clutter gone we can better see what needs to be done and with less junk around the day to day care of  hearth and home will be more stream lined giving us more time for the things that are important to us.
  The first phase of the Great Plan was to get the boys on board,as I said in my last posting they have become slobs around the house. Chance and I reverted to the old trick of bribing the kids into doing what needs to be done. Both boys have been asking to go to Seattle for a weekend of site seeing so our deal with them is if they can manage with minimal reminding to keep their messes picked up we will go to Seattle at the end of February.The guide line we have given the boys is " Is this the way Dad and Mom would want this space to look?" So far we are a week into the deal and all is going well. I am hoping by giving them until the end of February it will be a long enough time frame to break them of their bad habits.And what the boys don't know is we were planning a trip to Seattle any way but if Chance and I can get them into being better around the house and get a trip to Seattle out of this little white lie, I am A.O.K with it, a Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do.
  The next phase was to clean out every drawer,closet,nook,landing spot and stash spot in the house.So far we have made a mountain of recycling, a couple of trips to Goodwill and 3 boxes to be taken to the resale shop. We have made sure to ask ourselves why we have certain things,do I need this,could someone else use this and of course there were somethings that you just had to ask yourself- what? why? and then good-bye to it!
  The only room in the house left is the kitchen which will be this weeks phase to tackle.Once the house is done Chance and I will move out to my Studio/The Big Pantry,personally I think that room may need a stick of dynamite but that may be deemed an act of homeland terrorism, leading us down an even bigger path of doom than it warrants  so,I'll just roll up my sleeves and tackle it in a more peaceful manor.
  As we have gone through each room I have taken the time to do some deep down scrubbing,even going so far as to take down the blinds and washing them instead of just quickly dusting them.The rooms are sparklingly clean and very pleasing to the eye again.The clutter is gone and the things we love and cherish can once again be seen and enjoyed.
  This whole project is proving to be good on a deeper level than just cleaning.I really feel as if Hrafinstaad feels like its old self again,warm and inviting,the way we like it to be.Having things the way you like them is also so much more inspiring to be there, to keep it up and do more. I think the boys are also benefiting from seeing Chance and I working hard to get this project going.It sets the example and shows them the way. It shows them that we are walking our talk and want to go to Seattle as much as they do.
  I am going to have a gushing of motherly pride for just one paragraph before I close,bear with me I don't do this often but I am so proud I have to share this. Over the weekend Issac went to spend the night with a long time friend which has always been a good thing.The two boys went to a party where the kids were drinking and I don't know what else,Issac's friend was included in the drinkers.Issac told his friend from the get go "I am not drinking or doing anything else." Well,of course being under aged drinkers every one was to quote Issac "stupid drunk".Now comes my moment of great pride,Issac did not want to be there and called for a ride home. Issac is 16 and both Chance and I are smart enough to know kids are going to try things we would rather they did not but we have always been open and honest with both of our boys.We have always said to them "We would rather you did not do these things but if you ever find your self in a bad spot or even too screwed up to get yourself home,please call us we will get you no matter what." I am so proud that Issac made the right choice,he knows he is A.under aged.B.If he did try to drink the medication he is on would cause him to land in the ER because the two don't mix.C.Being under the influence is not for him.Good job Issac!



  1. That is awesome! I am not a parent BUT I think the true testament of a child (and any person really) is how they act when they think no one is watching....way to raise men of integrity! Something to be really proud of! Also we are doing our "deep clean"....it is so invigorating but also overwhelming...just going to take it one room at a time...

  2. Lacy-Thanks! One of our goals as a parents is to raise men with integrity and it's looking like both Chance and I have made a good start on our goal.
    Yup,one room at a time is the only way to go.Is your cleaning project part of your staycation?

  3. it is one of the main reasons for it! I am sick of stuff falling out of closets when all I need is one thing.....Also we have a ton of extra stuff....Combining households/moving a bunch of times/holidays=extra junk. I dream of an airy house full of space, where everything has a place. Oy. One day.

  4. You have great kids, truly. But do they not read your blog? :D

  5. Stacy- I told Issac this evening that I shared the party story but did not mention the Seattle part,I don't think they read my blog so my white lie is safe for now.

  6. Hooray for Isaac. And what a nice tribute to you and Chance as parents. I've always believed what happens out of the house is the best testament to our parenting choices. So way to go to all of you!

    I too am in the midst of a great purge. (I just spent 5 days in Iowa with my mother - a true hoarder. That was a huge inspiration) One room at a time is a good way to go!

  7. You are doing such a good job with your sons-reasons to be proud and stay the course. I love your blog and hope to start my purge next month.