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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

List of things.

Here is my list of things figured out since moving here:

1. Bugs can be big and intimidating. And before one freaks out over them just ask the five year old who used to live in your house about them, frank answers are always shared.

Like these two, totally harmless yet big.

2.Things dry out super fast here. It seems like I take a daily bath in lotion and still my skin is dry.And food dries out fast as well,I am now searching for some containers that will work for us to store things in. Laundry is super to do,45 minutes on the line if it's hot and maybe 2 hours if just breezy until things are dry. You want fast drying laundry but that batch of cookies you just baked not so much.

3. People in town are nice and helpful in a genuine way.And since town is small you had better be nice right back because everyone here knows someone who knows you. For example the lady we met while fishing 20 miles from home, she knows our long time friends here and all ready knew all about us moving over here. We weren't even in town!

4. Deer are cute in a Bambi kind of way but it's all a front.The deer stomp dogs here all the time, even ones being politely walked on leash.

5. It is really easy to find any old excuse to play hookie from house chores here. When there are majestic mountains out every window in your house it's hard not to hear them calling. And drive 20 minutes in any direction and you are at a lake. We are doing our best to balance work and play but still use plenty of the warm weather while we can.

Even the drive to the grocery store has views.

6.Planning ahead is important. There isn't an Ikea or even an Asian grocery here so when in Portland you had better have a list ready for shopping otherwise you are outta luck. Yes, Ikea does ship but when I did do that the shipping was almost as much as what I bought. And if you are having something shipped plan ahead so it arrives on time. ( Also so far FedEx can't always find our house so add in that delay.)

7. Mention Ocean Rolls from the farmers market to anyone in town and a blissful smile breaks out on their face.It's a good thing the market is only on Fridays and I haven't found the bakery in Bend yet, otherwise I would  be as big as those mountains.

8. It's windy here often, great for laundry, keeping the house cool, most likely contributing to my dry skin, blows things an acre or more away if not weighted down and is the best lullaby.